The dash cam mount should be part of the purchase process

*Note that this article has been written about the older Nextbase 212 and 312GW models, visit our latest products Nextbase 222 and 322GW Dash Cam for our latest dash cam features.

Dash cams have fast become one of the hottest new consumer electronic goods in 2016. In the past 12 months, the realisation of the benefits as a result of owning and using a dash cam has grown – not just in the insurance industry as the fight against fraud intensifies, but also amongst consumers who are somewhat untrusting of others on the road.

Choosing a dash cam can be tricky. Some are packed full of gadgets that in our opinion, you simply don’t need. Lane detection, CO2 monitors and other quirks being introduced to dash cams are simply over engineering it.

The UK motorist – as we have found out from making and refining our range since 2012 – wants peace of mind, from something that is easy and simple to set up and administer. That’s why Nextbase has been the number one selling dash cam manufacture in the UK for a number of years. A good example of our innovation and thought process when considering what the UK motorist needs is in our brand new 212 and 312GW dash cams. At £69, the 212 dash cam brings the same great quality Nextbase is renowned for, at a low price point, and includes a world’s first within the dash cam market.

You’d expect that, so the ground-breaking new Powered Magnetic Click & Go mount is certainly the interesting bit. The system uses magnets and powered touch points, allowing the dash cam itself to be free from wires, making instant removal and re-application of the device simple and quick. Fundamentally, it’s a fantastic innovation that secures the dash cam quickly and easily. Having the power cord going to the mount instead of the dash cam also further reduces what needs to be done for the owner to remove the camera.

It’s something we’re very proud of as we feel it’s another tick in the box for our ‘ease of use’ requirement. Our other demand of our dash cams is pure quality.

The 212 has a six layered glass lens with a 140 degree angle, providing crystal clear image quality, which can be viewed on an ultra-clear 2.7 LED colour screen. For £69, it’s an incredible bit of kit. Joining the 212 is the brand new 312GW. It takes the new mount, and adds wifi capability to make it even easier for owners to transfer vital footage of their drive. Once turned on, the wifi allows the owner to download footage to their mobile phone. From there, footage can be sent on to insurance companies, the police or simply shared on social media channels or via email to friends and family.

Quality will always be top of the pile when it comes to importance, but ease of use is right up there. We feel that the latest Nextbase dash cams are unrivalled when considering both of these aspects.

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