370万画素 1440p(2K)  

The ultimate Dash Cam recording

The 522GW 2k dash cam uses a resolution of 1440p HD at 30fps, boasting image quality comparable to high-end TVs and cameras. It provides improved contrast and colour range, meaning recording quality is as good as it gets with the 522GW.

When a Rear Cam is attached

The 522GW will continue to record in 2K when connected to a Nextbase Rear Camera Module, with your Rear Module recording in full HD quality of 1440p HD @ 30fps. This safeguards your vehicle from multiple angles and gives you greater peace of mind. When recording in 2K, it is recommended you use a Nextbase U3 microD card. A 2k dashcam can be the best solution for not losing any details when recording.